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Salam semua...hari ini, aku nak promote la seket...hehe..bukan barang second hand tetapi 'barang kastam'..harga pun tak mahal vaio rm1700, nokia N97 rm800 & nokia N86 rm800 jugak..

26/1/2010 - the evry bad day in my life..

hi everyone..

it's seem a long time i haven't updated my, which is now, i want to share a very bad incident happen in my life...

Yesterday, after i've come back from pekan around 6.40pm, pacak and i went to play basketball just for a while..but during the play which i was in the same team as pacak, an accident have happen to me..when i want to help pacak to rebound the ball from been captured by Ong, i didn't realized that pacak want to tab the ball but he missed it and hit onto my eyes.

I felt a little injured and we just continued play again without concern anything serious happen to me. When we finished play around 700pm, i went back to my house at kk2 and found that my eyes are injured and have blood around the 'seolaput mata'. I really shocked and quikcly went to pacak help to find help from the guys inside pacak's house to send me to clinic to check this injury is really serious or not.

When i met UMP's doctor, he said i'll be okay but i need to be send to HTAA A.S.A.P..then pacak and me, when to HTAA to check my eyes and finished until 1200PM++. The doctor said i need to go back to see the eye's specialist tommorow which is today. It's take 3hours ++ to finish my check up and the specialist said that i'm okay but i need to do another appointment 3month later. She said that my injury will recover by itself althoug it's look like teribble.

Here's some photos i want to share with everybody that read this post..

this is the first picture i've took when i saw this injury

this is the latest pictures of my eyes...

p/s: sorry if anyone dislike to watch this picture...

Pengurusan Bas Sangat Mengecewakan.... (from Suffi blogspot)

1.Kemalangan ni berlaku pada 11hb Januari 2010.
2.Next incident baru berlaku pada pagi tadi.sekitar jam 7 pagi.Pada 14hb Januari.Oh My god...

source : suffi

PSM oh PSM....

Wah..sem ni dah start PSM 1..haha...tapi abstract in progress nak buat but still don't have very detail idea pasal tajuk PSM aku..haha..

Happy New Year 2010!!!!!!!

Salam semua....sekarang dah masuk tahun baru, so mesti ada azam baru kan??azam tahun baru ni nak graduate on the time...kira cukup 4tahun and tak nak lebih...lagi nak berazam untuk skor sehabis more play around anymore..need to be serious...azam lagi nak PSM completely 100% work and done...harap-harap dapat la tajuk yang aku nak ni..hehehe