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tension for final!!! it's turn final paper to meet with!!!! now this is the time that make me very-very tension with it...But I'm gonna score 3.00++ for this semester..Last 2 semester my pointer have dropped and I think I don't want to repeat any paper in this semester...

Am is next president????

For next semester, I think I'm being holding a president position of Basketball Club in UMP because my previous president want me to hold his position but I don't know whether I can do it or not. But for sake of all, I'm gonna to try my best if it's gonna be me the new president of Basketball Club.
I think I also gonna be one of the Main Board of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society but I never been in manifesto or interview to hold some position. I think I just want to hold Recreation and Sport Exco if I'm gonna be one of the Main Boarders. So, whatever it's gonna be I just try it because I've my responsibility to what I've joined. GAMBATE!!!!